To build the best boat in the industry, you have to start by setting standards. So, we created a very simple philosophy, "Produce innovative boats through disciplined decisions. Never cut corners or settle for less. And consequently seek out the best materials in the industry in order to meet the demands of those who matter our customers."

International Inboard Marine's goal is to produce high-quality and long-lasting luxury class wakeboard and ski boats. All models are designed and built with premium materials to please the new generation of all-event skiers. We are one of the few remaining ski boat builders allowing you to select your gel coat colors on all models. Our customers can mix and match any four in-mold gel coat colors at no additional cost. That's right, any four colors from our selection of approximately forty. This is just one of the many small extras that are standard at International Inboard Marine, Inc.

We are continuing the popular proven Shortline Comp, first introduced in 1987. From its inception, the Shortline Comp was destined to be a winner. As a former "Official US Open Towboat" and "A.W.S.A. Approved Towboat", the Shortline Comp assures great handling and easy maneuverability. Ten years later, the Shortline is still one of the best in the 20-foot closed bow range. The serious skier need look no further.

Utilizing years of tournament boat design experience, the company expanded into the luxury class with the Sport Comp XTS and Pro Comp XTS models. These boats offer both skiing families and performance boaters more amenities for their time on the water.

Our commitment is to produce innovative boats built to last, to provide exciting performance and to hold their value through years of use.
The real test is made when you get behind it and personally experience the blazing power, tight turns, and the excellent ski wakes.

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