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In 2006 Calabria introduced the Pro V-II, a wakeboarding machine that screams for attention. Not only is it one of the most spacious 20-footers around — something any rider and posse can appreciate — it also has the stylish attitude to match. The stainless-steel tower, carbon-fiber like upholstery, and new dash design catches your eye right away, and the wakeboarding-oriented performance will definitely keep your attention. 

The Pro V-II's wake performance mirrors that of its older brother, the Pro V, offering rampy wakes with excellent shape. Beginners through intermediates will certainly get their fix by using the patented integrated ballast system to boost wake size, and advanced riders can go for optimal wake size just by adding more ballast.  

Innovative ideas like the forward placement of the gas tank help the    Pro V-II knife through the water with an efficient running attitude. With the MerCruiser Black Scorpion 330-horsepower engine, you will be impressed by the hole shot, and this boat will hold its own through aggressive turns!  

It will be easy for you to stretch your legs on this exceptionally spacious 20-footer, and the overall fit and finish of the Pro V-II makes for a comfortable, stylish, and exciting ride. 

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