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The Cal Air is a high-end multi-purpose boat with a split personality. It produces both a great slalom wake and awesome pro-level wakes for the family also looking to wakeboarding. This boat is plush, luxurious and loaded with features, the best of which is built into the floor. The Cal-Air uses Calabriaís patented integrated ballast system. With a push of a switch the release valves open and the ballast tanks immediately flood with 700 pounds of wateróin about 45 seconds. It empties in a third of that time just by driving with the valves open. This means the boat goes from slalom to wakeboarding and back much quicker than any other boat on the market. Another invisible feature is that the gas tank is located forward, where other manufacturers put unusable floor storage lockers guaranteed to soak anything put in them. This assists in giving the Cal-Air incredible storage room in the rear trunk.

More visible comfort features include standard removable jump seats, a recessed driverís foot well, Ergonomically designed drivers helm with a fully appointed dash, and polished stainless steel tower.† Itís as comfortable to lounge in as it is to ride behind.

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