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In 2008, Calabria Boats added the Team Edition Pro-V to our line-up…..

But in 2009 we are going above and beyond, taking it to the next level.  For a limited time, Calabria Boats will be offering custom one of a kind in-mold gelcoat graphics. Not just the kind of so called “custom graphics” the other inboard boats companies do.  You know what they offer - just a limited number of standard paint schemes in a limited number of color options, topped off by a big decal stuck on the side!  Calabria is talking about truly one of a kind in-mold gelcoat designs that we create with the help of the customer!  Why buy a cookie cutter boat when you can be behind the wheel of your own custom designed, one of a kind boat for the same price? 

Make a personal statement, don’t just be “one of the crowd”……

Click the computer to see some of our custom boats and digital renderings!