A True Work Of Art

Calabria boats are a work of art. The first step in procuring this end product is the development and construction of our molds. Tooled and engineered exclusively at out factory in Merced, CA, all Calabria hull and deck molds are caged and reinforced with the highest grade steel available to ensure that every Calabria will meet our exacting and stringent guidelines. All molds are waxed and prepared on a daily basis. Every mold is then fully overhauled after thirty parts have been produced. This is the most crucial step to producing precise hulls and decks with a blemish-free finish, a step that our competitors may simply avoid.

The gelcoat application is simply the cherry on the top of the cake. To a Calabria gelcoat artisan, it's not simply a hue that is propelled through a spray gun, it is an element of perfection that should speak to its owner's soul. Our gel oat is the finest that CCP™ has to offer and is applied at a minimum thickness of 25-millimeters. Tape-lines are secured using custom hand application and hundreds of different color combinations are used to create your custom Calabria style. This exacting, 12-step, in-the-mold gelcoat process produces a finish that is smooth to the touch and decidedly robust, ensuring longevity and superior resale value.

Once the gelcoat has cured, or "kicked" as it is called, the molds are moved to our lamination department where each boat is laid-up entirely by hand with the finest space-age composites and McWhorther™ resins. The construction quality of the Calabria is second to none. Calabria utilizes a complicated 3-step lamination schedule calling upon bi-directional, multi-directional and woven roving cloths which are lighter and stronger than the primitive chopper-gun process which causes disproportionate glass-to-resin ratio's and, in effect, weakens your boat. Calabria also integrates a layer of 4mm CoreMat™ around the entire boat, not just where the hull strikes the water while moving. Whereas others will only integrate mat in the water-striking areas for sound dampening purposes, Calabria utilizes this mat for increased hull strength and hull density. Each layer in the lamination schedule is hand laid and any excess resin removed to ensure the optimum glass to resin ratio.

Competitors may claim to utilize a proprietary uni-body construction technique, but only Calabria manufacturers a fully unitized body. Using the experience of years of top quality boat manufacturing, Calabria has come to the simple conclusion that simply fastening structural components mechanically does not weather well in the unforgiving marine world. When your Calabria is finished, every piece of fiberglass is chemically bonded together. From the deck union to the hull (which are both mechanically and chemically bonded), to the HLS ™ stringer, floor and ballast system, and through to the wiring boxes, all components are fiber-glassed together to form one single, solid unit. We use the most advanced composite structural construction to create our hull, deck assembly and HLS™ liner system. The hull / deck shoebox type joint is fastened, riveted and is finally chemically bonded around the entire perimeter of the boat. This means that this joint is reinforced with twice as much glass than conventional construction dictates. Uni-body construction of the bottom half of the boat is accomplished by making use of a two-fold chemical bonding technique which adheres the HLS™ liner to the hull while it's still in the mold. Only when the two pieces have fully cured and bonded are the voids between the hull and the HLS™ liner system injected with structural/floatational foam. When its all said and done, Calabria's unique system eliminates vibration and maximizes hull strength like no other boat on the market.

To ensure the your boat always looks as good as the day it was purchased, Calabria uses only the finest Nautolex™ with PreFixx™ vinyl's.  12 times more abrasive resistant than any other vinyl on the market, Nautolex™ with PreFixx™ vinyl has also set the highest stain resistant standard in the industry. A 19.8 oz. solid vinyl on 6.4 oz. non-woven fabric, this interior has a greater seam strength, a greater resistance to tearing, it is more puncture resistant and its resilience to cracking and peeling is unprecedented.

For this reason we can offer our limited lifetime warranty with confidence. After you take a test ride in the competition, drive a Calabria and you will understand the significance and quality feel of a boat that utilizes true uni-body construction and the most advanced technology available.

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