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We can tell you all day every day how great our boats are. Truth is, best people to ask are those that already own a Calabria or have ever had the opprotunity to take one out for some fun on the water.
So, we have included a few reviews of some of our older model units for you to see what they say about our boats.

Per Pro-V Team review

"Core wakeboarders who want to really stand out know Calabria Boats goes to great lengths to ensure a truly custom look. For 2009, Calabria Boats unleashes the creativity of every new Calabria Pro V Team Air buyer to personally design their own unique gelcoat graphics ó with unlimited possibilities. It makes this already outstanding rig, which throws a big and versatile wake carved by a ballast system that fills to 1,100 pounds in about a minute, even more attractive."

Per Pro-V review

"Our test riders were excited about getting behind this Calabria Boats Pro-V, fully outfitted as the Team Edition, and not just because the metal-flake gelcoat gave the boat a clean sparkle at the dock. The test session was underway quickly because this ballast system is one of the fastest to fill, working without pumps to have up to 1,100 pounds of water weight distributed through much of the wakeboard boat in just over a minute. Calabria isnít looking to have the most ballast, but to have the safest system. Thatís also why the company is proud of its NMMA certification for the construction of its wakeboard boats. In addition to all that, the Calabria Pro-V impressed us with its solid handling, great fit-and-finish and long list of features for wakeboarding."

Per review, here is thier conclusion

"Calabria Ski Boats offers an affordable array of competition-ready ski boats that converge safety, comfort, and performance into a dependable package.
.....The boats come with a number of party-ready options, and each one can be ordered with a custom gelcoat painted to one's specifications. If unsatisfied with the feature set on any of the Calabria ski boats available at a local dealer, a customer can work with the manufacturer to order a specialized boat.
.....Calabriaís models represent an impressive variety, one which will likely meet the requirements of most enthusiasts.
.....These high performance, competition-ready boats have exceptional handling.
.....Models feature proven and tempered design quality.
.....They have a reasonable price for this type of craft.
For the dormant competitor in any boating fan, Calabria Ski Boats offer a few great value boats in impressively customizable packages. These sporty, high performance craft will satisfy a wide range of customers."

Per Good Times Watersports reviews:

" Recommendation: Hard-core Wakeboard
If wakeboarders aren't supposed to have a luxury boat, no one told Calabria. The company goes all out on the Cal Air Pro-V, their hard-core riding boat. There are obvious things we love about this boat, like the huge main compartment with plush, full-wrap seating, and of course the wakes, which are near perfect for high-level riding.

.....Wakeboarding After two years of astounding us with its oversized wake, we still rate this boat excellent, with ideal transition, lip, landing zone and size. Long ramps really give those intermediate-level riders the same opportunity to excel behind this boat as the pros.

.....Calabria calls its Cal Air a high-end multi-purpose boat with a split personality. They say it produces both a great slalom wake and perfect wakes for the family looking for slightly less than pro-level wakeboarding.
This boat is plush, luxurious and loaded with features, the best of which is built into the floor. The Cal-Air uses Calabrias patented Pure Vert ballast system. With a simple pull of the release valves, the ballast tanks immediately flood with 700 pounds of waterin about 45 seconds. It empties in a third of that time just by driving with the plugs open. This means the boat goes from recreational slalom to intermediate-level wakeboarding and back much quicker than any other boat on the market. Another impressive invisible feature is that the gas tank is located forward, where other manufacturers put a ski locker. This assists in giving the Cal-Air incredible storage room in the rear trunk. Its probably the deepest trunk we have seen.
More visible comfort features include standard removable jump seats, a recessed drivers foot well, genuine mahogany dash, a sharp-looking Dino Steering wheel and polished aluminum mounting systems for the tower, racks and bimini. Another innovative aspect is the huge patented platform, which is covered with a super-tough, spray-on, non-slip coating. Its evident that a lot of thought went into the detailing of this boat. Its as comfortable to lounge in as it is to ride behind.
Multi-event towing capacity. Produced respectable ratings in slalom and wakeboarding ability. A great choice for the family who enjoys both skiing and riding.
The innovative ballast system fills in just 45 seconds and empties in only 15 seconds.
The jump seats in the main cockpit area are an added convenience for carrying extra passengers.
The rear storage trunk is deep and spacious and easily accommodates all of your equipment needs.
Sharp-looking gauge package.
An overall durable feel with plush interior features.
A well-designed windshield makes it easy for the driver to communicate with the skier."

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